Sunday, March 10, 2019

Gods of the Broken Sea and What Comes Next

Now that I have finally completed Jack Bloodfist: Freelancer and it's available for pre-order(releasing April 21, 2019) I'm returning to the world of Domhan and the adventures of Mikaia Goretusk and Arthur Shield that I started in Knights of the Dead God.
The second book in my Broken Redemption series is titled Gods of the Broken Sea. It's about our two heroes and a new group of allies as they become pirates to sail the titular Broken Sea to meet an Elven sorcerer queen with the hope that she can help them get Mikaia home.
But, because it would be boring if everything went right, they'll face dangers at every turn. From ambitious Imperial admirals, to spider-people, to god infested islands, and oh so much more.
The book is almost complete, and I intend on releasing it later this year, but as a special treat to my $5 patrons, I'm going to be releasing the book, scene by scene, over on my Patreon.
This won't be the final draft, so expect changes from these scenes and the final product, but the actual story won't change much.
First scene will be going up Monday, March 11th, and I will be releasing two scenes a week, Monday and Friday, until the entire book is available.
The title of this post also promises news on what is to come beyond Gods of the Broken Sea. Well, once I've finished up this book I have a whole slew of potential projects to tackle.
Broken Redemption is going to be a seven book series, and I do plan on spending a lot of time focusing on the continued adventures of Miki and Arthur. I plan on getting through a few more of these stories before I return to my Jack Bloodfist novels. I think once you've read Freelancer that decision will make a little more sense.
I also have the sequel to Son of Thunder to consider. I have about half of the manuscript written. I've discussed elsewhere how this book has been a challenge for me, but I feel like it's one I'm finally ready to tackle. Lightning's Price is going to be my biggest, most epic book to date, and I cannot wait to share it with you.
I have a few other projects, as well. I still want to finish up my novella, Stovemaker, and get it ready for release. The polishing draft is almost finished, so don't be surprised if that one pops up sometime soon. And I have a secret novel that I'm not going to say anything about yet, except that it's one I'm very excited to work on.
And that's it for the "What's going on with James" news. Feel free to ask about any of my projects, especially if there's one you're more interested in. I'd love to hear what you all think.

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