Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Not Incredibly Original Story I Wrote Once

     So I've been thinking about what I should share on here, and I think I'm going to start forcing my terrible prose upon you non-existent readers.
      In other news, I played The Last of Us. I loved it. But so did anyone else that owns a PS3.
      It's one of those titles that makes me wish there was no console war. That everyone could afford to own every system and buy every game. This way there would be peace.
But sadly, there is no peace, and I have no original thoughts regarding games at the moment. So until that time I will grace you with a short story I wrote about the time a friend and I tried to unclog our shower. *Spoiler* It ended in our deaths. If anyone actually reads this, I apologize if the story sucks, I liked it.