Thursday, July 28, 2016

Good News, Everyone!

Exciting news, everybody! I just finished editing my latest novel, Son of Thunder. I've been working on this one for a while. Finished the first draft almost a year before I'd even considered writing Fixer. And now it's done.
Of course, this is where things get scary, because now I get to put it out there. I get to let others read it and judge it. Love, hate, or 'meh' it. 
My trusted beta readers have all given this their stamp of approval, so I'm confident that at least a few new readers are gonna like it.
I've already commissioned the cover art, and, guys, it's gonna be so good. And sometime soon, you're gonna be able to see it. See it and read it. 
Speaking of reading it... Who wants a special sneak peek? Too bad, you're getting one anyway.

Troi was skinny, with an unfortunate beak of a nose. He was often made fun of for his looks, though now he looked even worse than usual in the traditional garb of an ancient Sohlgain hunter. 
To be fair to the boy, anyone might have looked ridiculous dressed as he was. The skirt wrapped around the waist, white with purple designs around the border, and leather sandals. That was it. It seemed doubly ridiculous when compared to the clothing of the watching crowd.
From the large doors of the building he walked in the middle of the group of four robed priests. With dark purple cowls pulled over their faces, they made a solemn procession to the corral. 
The hushed conversations of the spectators were silenced at the sight of the skinny boy and his gilded spear. 
The dragon shifted in a yawn. The chain around its neck rattled with the motion. Two frills of iron-colored bone, one on top of the skull and one beneath the jaw, framed a square face. The beast was about the size of a large horse, covered in dull, iron-gray scales. It stretched, claw-tipped feet, as large as the boy’s head, dug furrows in the ground as it settled itself. 
Knobby knees shook as the boy gripped his short spear tightly. This particular spear was worthless against a dragon. The tip was no more than a dull, gilded point, and the shaft would likely snap if the boy tried a stab.
The small procession of priests and boy stopped in front of the snoring beast. One of the priests was carrying the battery. He lowered the small cube to the ground and unwound the thin chain that was attached to the top of the device. 
The priest went to hand Troi the chain. Troi dropped the spear and almost dropped the chain as he bent to pick it up. He managed to regain his grip on the spear, his knuckles white as he stared at the sleeping monster and its iron scales. 
Another priest nudged Troi, who let out a startled gasp, then slowly walked toward the dragon, spear in one hand, coiled chain in the other. He kept his grip on the chain loose so it uncoiled behind him as he walked. He stopped in front of the snoring beast and with a shaking hand he tapped his spear against an iron-colored flank. 
The sound of steel on steel could be heard over the whispers of the crowd. 
The dragon shifted, raising its head to consider Troi. It yawned and rose, shaking itself. Static discharge scattered into the sky as it stepped up to Troi and lowered its head until they were eye to eye.

That's the first page. What happens after that? Well, you're gonna be able to find out soon. And I can't wait for you to find out. The world I've created in this book is one I'm very proud of, the story, one I've been carrying around for way too long, and the characters, well, I love the characters at least. And I think you might, too. Only one way to find out, though.
Son of Thunder. Watch for it. Or don't. 
But you really should. 

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