Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Wrap-up, 2018 Announcements

2017 is now over, so I thought now might be a good time to recap the year for those interested.
On a personal level, this year was an incredibly mixed bag. In February my best friend, Daniel, took his own life. This severely impacted my ability to write, and it wasn’t really until almost June that I was able to work on any of my projects with any sort of consistency. It was made worse by the fact that in every one of my series I have a character based on him.
In March I had a table at Salt Lake FanX. It was an incredible experience. Met a lot of cool people and sold a nice pile of books. After the show I donated a third of my profits to a local suicide awareness charity, in honor of Daniel. I plan on doing the same thing in 2018 and every year after, as long as people are still willing to give me money for my words.
Book sales this year have been fairly consistent, and I wish I could personally thank everybody who grabbed a copy, so I hope this blanket gratitude works: THANK YOU!
Seriously, I owe you all so much.
I also entered both Son of Thunder and Fixer in Mark Lawrence’s Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off(SPFBO). At the time of writing this Fixer has just been announced as a finalist, which is surreal. So many amazing books in that competition. In fact, I encourage everyone to check it out. It’s likely you’ll find a new favorite.
Despite my slow start this year, I’m pretty proud of what I accomplished. Not much in way of releases, just one novella, but I made progress on a lot of projects that I’m very excited about.
I’ve set a very ambitious schedule for myself next year, but I’m confident I’ll be able to stick to it.
So, bearing in mind that all of this is subject to change, based on major life events, illness, crazy coyote attacks, etc, here’s a little peek at what’s coming down the road:
July 2018:
The Stovemaker 
The story behind this one is unique. In my family, we draw names around the holidays for who we are each responsible for giving gifts to. This year, I got my sister. When I asked what she wanted she asked if I’d write a book for her. I think she may have been half-joking, but I took the request seriously. 
I sat down with her and created a checklist of everything she likes to read. What was on that list is not what ended up in the finished product… she wanted a cozy mystery that she could read late at night without getting scared… It started that way. 
Here’s the cover I threw together for it:
You’ll notice I’m calling it a “Cozy Horror.” It’s a classic whodunnit, except the murder weapon is an unspeakable horror summoned from another dimension… It also has pixies and a fox who likes scarves and a tree full of elves. It’s basically a cozy mystery the only way I’m capable of writing it.
I’m planning on having my final draft and full edits done in time to release the book on my sister’s birthday. This saves me having to get her a gift then, too. 
It’s different from what a lot of people might expect from me, but I hope you’ll give it a shot when it releases. 
August 2018:
Knights of the Dead God:
This is another one that I think might surprise a few of my readers. Or not. I kind of hope you guys are able to just roll with whatever I decide to throw your way.
This book is the start of a new series. A spin-off from my Jack Bloodfist books. I know it might seem weird to release a spin-off before I’ve even released a second book in the main series, but, well, don’t worry about it too much. I have no argument except that it made sense to me.
This series follows the antagonist from Jack Bloodfist: Fixer as he returns to his home world and must protect a young half-orc girl from his former order. I won’t say anymore about the story for the sake of those who have yet to read Fixer. But this one is a story I’ve been very excited to tell. I’ve tried to make it completely stand-alone, so it should be a safe read for anyone not interested in Jack’s story but might want a more traditional Sword and Sorcery novel(with a little portal fantasy thrown in).
Also, here’s a cover! (might change slightly before the release)
Gods of the Broken Sea
This is the sequel to Knights of the Dead God. That’s right. Two books from the same series releasing in the same year. What’s going on!? Well, Knights is a fairly short book, but it’s far from the end of that story. Plus, I outlined them at the same time and have been writing them together. So finishing one is about as good as finishing both.
In this one you’ll see Arthur Shield as a pirate. An empire declaring war. Ancient gods stirring. You know, good old fashioned, family fun.
I plan on releasing this one on Halloween. Best way to celebrate, I’d say. It’s also a nice little treat for Orctober. 
Alright, this is a big one. *Deep breath* This is my planned release for Thunder’s War book 2. The sequel to Son of Thunder. I still haven’t settled on the perfect title yet, but I’m leaning toward Lightning’s Price. This one has been a beast to get through. Son of Thunder has far and away been my most successful book. Getting the sequel ready for everybody has been harder than I’d ever have imagined. I just want to make sure it’s done right. But I love what I have and I think everyone that enjoyed SOT is going to love this one, too.
This book finds Berun as a Thunder Priest in the city of Severen in Maviern and dealing with everyday life as a mage. Galan working as a detective investigating a series of mysterious murders. And Dan suffering from the consequences of the power he awakened in the first book.
It’s basically just more of everything I loved about SOT, which hopefully means it’ll be more of everything you guys liked.
This one is long overdue, and I apologize profusely for the unnecessary wait. On Christmas day 2018 I am releasing Jack Bloodfist: Freelancer.
Why Christmas? Because this is the closest I will likely ever come to writing a Christmas story. The book takes place during the holiday season, features Jack facing off against an angel with big aspirations, and may or may not involve a certain magic spear…
It’s got everything: Orcs, werewolves, zombies, angels and demons, high-speed-car-chases. It’s gonna be great.
Well, that’s it. Those are my plans for 2018. Things might not work out exactly as planned, but I still think it’s going to be a good year. And I hope all of you will follow along for the ride.